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One question asked by the audience to Dr. Samatha was, "What is the...

Can Predictive Medicine Prevent Diseases?

One question asked by the audience to Dr. Samatha was, “What is the possibility of preventing a lot of diseases using predictive and preventive medicine and using metabolic biomarkers at a very early stage for a lot of cases since the cost of tests after getting a disease is very expensive?” Dr. Samatha mentions a Jupiter trial that found that people who received genetic testing had a very high risk of coronary artery disease (CAD), but that LDL levels are currently normal but inflammatory markers like CPR are high. The study states that if these individuals are put on statins, their risk of myocardial infarction falls by 44 percent and their risk for strokes falls by 50 percent, and Dr. Samatha mentions that this is the power of preventive medicine or predictive medicine, where more data is coming in and we can moderate the drugs and nutrition around that so that we can decrease the healthcare costs as well.

How to Reveal a Patient’s Genetic Report

Another question that followed was if the patient would panic and how to deal with them when they are at a very early stage and the report with elevated biomarker values has to be explained to them. Dr. Samatha says that you don’t reveal the answer just like that, but their history has to be taken, which already suggests that people are already guilty of leading a sedentary life and not doing exercise; half of the story is already told, so she doesn’t think they’ll be surprised. As a result, she believes that it is not a panic stage but rather one of awareness and what you are going to do about it, as well as what preventive versions you can provide as a doctor at that stage to prevent the disease for many years to come.

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