How It Works

GenepoweRx combines genomics with medical data  and lifestyle factors

to provide comprehensive and personalized care to patients by utilizing nextgen sequencing.

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Step 1

Based on your medical examination and report review your doctor recommends specific genetic test. The GenepoweRx genetic test is carried out by withdrawing blood sample by experienced technician. From the sample of blood collected the DNA is carefully isolated using reagents

Step 2

The extracted DNA is further cut into smaller DNA fragments by the molecular biologist for Library Preparation. This involves multiple steps : sample prep, cluster generation, and finally sequencing. The sample is sequenced by the Next Gen sequencer for the genomic data analysis which is sent to a secure server in a decrypted form.

Step 3

The expert bio-informatics team uses the raw data collected from the previous steps to further check the information with medical literature available for genomics. The team has developed a unique scoring system of downstream analysis of data for the identification of any variation in the DNA sample. Based on this information a preliminary report is generated. The preliminary report is then analyzed by the doctor, keeping in mind your current medical profile and latest medical guidelines. The final report then generated is discussed with you at your follow-up appointment.

Step 4

The GenepoweRx final report helps in

  • Risk mitigation of possible chronic disorders that may come into existence in the future
  • Analysis of the current health condition of the patient and suggested the right diet, exercise, or medication to maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Identifying the possible risks to drugs prescribed (such as side effects), allergies, and common diseases

Helping us to deliver precise reports