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Join us in our quest to give the top genetic tests that will improve overall health and well-being and assist in preventing disease.

GenepoweRx delivers expertise, quality, & value in every aspect of Genetic Testing.

  • Our customised reports powered by genomic data, enables physicians to recommend Personalized Medical Management for their patients
  • Our genetic profiling test helps clients know of their genetic makeup, thus guiding them towards Preventive Health Care

We have developed an industry-leading genetic tests menu that spans the full range of inherited disease and is customizable to meet each partner’s unique needs. Our experts include over 10 PhD level Geneticists, a team of Genetic Counselors, and an MD-level Medical Director. These experts are available to assist in designing genetic testing programs, educate on genetic disease, and support everything from ordering test kits to understanding test results.

  • Expand your reach…and your business. Unlock the benefits of the GenepoweRx Partner Program, including expert training, co-marketing
    and co-selling, and access to development instances, product roadmaps, and support
  • Support the expansion of genetic testing in India. You get access to the whole GenepoweRx community thanks to our programme, which increases your chances of success
  • Build your GenepoweRx practise by gaining specialized, in-depth knowledge while using the tools and assistance you require to be successful

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