Speciality Genomics

GenepoweRx Pediatrics Health

Genomic decision support in Pediatric health care

GenepoweRx Pediatrics Health is a genomic assessment product that provides tailored healthcare services to meet the unique needs and preferences of each child. By providing personalized care, healthcare providers can help children achieve optimal health outcomes and improve their overall quality of life of the child

GenepoweRx Psychiatry & Pharmacogenomics

Building the science of personalized mental health solutions through genomics

GenepoweRx Psychiatry & Pharmacogenomics utilizes genetic testing to identify the root causes of mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia. This empowers healthcare providers to create personalized treatment plans for the patients, optimizing medication selection and dosing for better outcomes.

GenepoweRx Cardiac Care

Genomic Assessment for a Healthy Heart

GenepoweRx Cardiac Care examines an individual’s DNA for specific variations associated with an increased risk for heart disease. This information can then be used to develop personalized prevention and treatment plans, including lifestyle changes and medications, that can help reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. By identifying potential genetic risk factors early, individuals can take proactive steps to maintain a healthy heart and prevent heart disease from developing.

GenepoweRx Diabetic Care

Comprehensive genomic assessment of diabetes and associated conditions

GenepoweRx diabetes care offers comprehensive genomic assessment for diabetes care, evaluating genetic factors and identifying potential co-occurring conditions. In addition to genetic analysis, it also takes into account a patient’s medical history, family history, and lifestyle factors when developing a personalized treatment plan. This holistic approach allows for a more thorough understanding of the patient’s health status and helps identify potential risk factors that may contribute to the development or progression of diabetes.

GenepoweRx Neuromuscular Health

Towards Personalized Management of neuromuscular health

This platform offers personalized management solutions for neuromuscular health using advanced data analytics and machine learning algorithms. Patient-specific data, including genetics, imaging, and clinical assessments, are analyzed to develop customized treatment plans. The goal is to improve outcomes and quality of life by delivering targeted interventions for neuromuscular health.

GenepoweRx Nephrocare

Translating Nephrogenetics into Clinical Care

GenepoweRx Nephrocare tests the functionality of kidneys and assesses kidney health by measuring factors such as creatinine, potassium, and urea and reports the results. By analyzing a patient’s genetic information, NephroCare can identify specific genetic variations that contribute to disease progression, leading to more targeted and effective therapies. This personalized approach can improve outcomes and quality of life for patients with kidney disease.

GenepoweRx Reproductive Health

An evidence-based Precision Reproductive Health with Insights of Genomics

GenepoweRx Reproductive Health solution leverages genetic testing to identify the root causes of infertility and reproductive health conditions. The product offers personalized solutions for male and female infertility, female reproductive development problems, embryonic development factors, and implantation issues.