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Know Our Genesis

Cracking the ‘One Size Fits All’ theory of medical science while inculcating the philosophy of “You are unique, and so should your medical treatment be”, K & H was founded in 2019. Dr. Kalyan Uppaluri and Dr. Hima Challa along with their impeccable team of experts with world knowledge in technology as well as molecular biology have pioneered and established the concept of genomic sciences and personalised medicine in order to improvise the medical treatment processes in India.

The thought first originated when Dr. Kalyan was working on genomics at Stanford University during his early research of Post-graduation. It took about 4 years of detailed analysis for the entire team of Scientists, Doctors, and the technology experts to bring in the whole new idea into its functional shape.

Reshaping the Medical Treatments!

Our Vision

Improvise and provide the best in practice as well as personalised medicine to every individual by reshaping the conventional healthcare system.

Our Mission

Improve every individual’s quality of life derived from advanced genomics and overall health profile by bringing in genomic solutions to mainstream clinical practices.

K&H Value

Privacy - Our Prime Policy

K & H follows high standards in following the privacy guidelines to ensure none of the genetic results are exposed to any third party or other individual without your prior permission.

Ethical & Professional Practice

K & H is strongly committed to its ethical as well as high standards of professional practices in the industry.

Compassion and Dedication

At K & H, every patient is equally respected with dignity. We strongly believe in showing empathy and sensitivity towards every individual that walks in to us. On the other hand our dedication towards healing every individual makes us believe in every innovation and its research and analysis outcomes.

Our Vision

K & H houses a team of experts that includes the PhDs in molecular biology with specialisation in genomics, which is a rare combination of specialisation in India, and the strong IT department to support the automation of data and report generation and server facilities, the doctors with years of practice in pharmacogenomics, internal medicine, Scientists in advisory board and beyond.

Meet the Team

Dr. Kalyan Uppaluri

Managing Director, K&H

MD FACP  , MD in Internal Medicine, USA, Professional Degree in Medical Genomics, Stanford University, Cancer research at Wayne State  University, Associate Professor, Internal Medicine, Campbell University

Dr. Hima Challa

Director, K&H

MD FACP, MD in Internal Medicine, USA, Professional Degree in Medical Genomics, Harvard Medical School , Masters in Nutrition science, Texas Women University, Founding member of Pharmacogenomics Research Network, Program Director, Internal Medicine residency  program, Campbell University

Praveen Kumar Uppaluri

Chief Operational Officer
MS, Applied Systems Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, MS, Mechanical Engineering, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb,  20+ years of experience developing data-driven solutions

Vamsi Mohan Challa

Chief Technology Officer
Vamsi Mohan Challa, Strategy Management, IIM Kozhikode; MS, Computer Science – IIT-Kharagpur; MS, Web Technology – Bradley University, Peoria; 15+ years of experience developing software

Advisory Board

DR. N. Krishna Reddy

Cardiologist and Health Systems Expert, MD (GEN.MEDICINE) DM(CARDIOLOGY)

MD DM (Cardiology), Cardiologist and Health Systems Expert, Country Director – ACCESS Health International, Co-founder – Care Hospital, Care Foundation, Relisys Medical Devices and IncuMed.

Dr. Kamalakar Karlaplem

Professor, Head IIIT Hyderabad, Data Science and Analytics Centre

Professor, IIIT Hyderabad – Head – Data Science and Analytics Centre; Lead Data Science and Analytics Centre, Agents and Applied Robotics Group, Kohli Centre for Intelligent Systems

Dr. T. Vinayender​

MD, Board Member, Angel Investor, Entrepreneur, Executive Director – Aditya Hospitals, Indian School of Business.

C.V.R. Murthy

CA, 35 years in industry and as consultant Associated with Pharma, Media , Hospitals, Hotels and IT Startups in sectors like IT and Healthcare. Experience in working with Private equity, HNI, IPO etc.

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