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February, 2020

Patent Details

We invested the first few years to integrate genomics with medical data and lifestyle factors to create a software platform that delivers comprehensive, personalized care. By utilizing the next-gen sequencing, we get whole exome sequencing for our patients. We have incorporated multiple reputed databases like NCBI and PharmaGKB, to make our genetic data stronger. With our medical insights, we created a custom database in addition to our genetic data.

The result is a clinically actionable report for our patient comprising of disease risk stratification, pharmacogenomic report, nutrigenomics, fitness and immunity panel.

We have patented this process and our unique database, which involves the complex genomic data annotated with simple clinical recommendations.


Patent Title
system and method for processing
genomic data using custom database in real-time
Applied Dec 2019, Current status is pending,
ID: 201941054488