Preventive Genomics

Harness the Power of DNA Genetic Testing for Accurate Diagnoses and Insights

India’s only comprehensive DNA testing package for predictive analysis of health outcomes.

With Preventive Genomics, your physicians can take a deep-dive analysis of a patient’s genetic information based on which they can predict and mitigate the risk of any possible chronic disease conditions.

The Preventive Genomics helps you take preventative steps to strengthen your immunity and safeguard the health of you and your family. The Medical Bioinformatics experts from GenepowerX help you in structuring a personalized diet, fitness, and nutrition regimen that is customized according to your genetic make-up.

What is Preventive Genomics test?

It is a comprehensive package offering precise treatment and a personalized well-being plan. It was developed to help physicians tackle chronic disorders. We provide physicians with their patient’s unique molecular data and precision medicine tools to help them create a personalized care plan for each of them.

What DNA Genetic Test are included in the GenepoweRx Total package?

DNA Test- Whole exome test using NGS technology, run in our patented pipeline

Metabolic profile, Magnesium, Calcium, Iron studies, Vitamins and Minerals

Complete blood profile

Lipid Profile

Liver function test

Kidney function test

Thyroid Profile

Cancer risk screening

What is Preventive Genomics test?

The patients are required to answer a Health and lifestyle questionnaire followed by blood sample collection. We use NGS whole-exome sequencing, to look at over 20000 plus genes and their mutations from the collected sample. The molecular data generated is then compared to peer-reviewed databases with over 3 million patients’ genomic data. We achieve this using smart cloud solutions proprietary to GenepoweRx. Based on the insights generated, we provide a clinically actionable report and further patient counselling.

Who should take the Preventive Genomics test?

  • Healthy working professional with no existing health disorders
  • Women of all age groups, pregnant women, and nursing mothers
  • Patients with thyroid disorders, diabetes, High BP, Heart conditions, High cholesterol, Fatty liver, and obesity
  • People between the age group of 25 to 65

How does Preventive Genomics test benefit you?

  • Personalized health plans that keep you healthy and fit
  • Lifestyle recommendations according to your biological time clock
  • A detailed list of FDA-approved drugs that are compatible with your genetic makeup with the right dosage
  • Identify inherent health risks and take preventive measures to mitigate them
  • Customized fitness and nutrition plan based on your individual metabolism and DNA

Why should I invest in the Preventive Genomics DNA test?

  • The test helps in increasing longevity, detects chronic diseases at an early stage, improves immunity levels and safeguards your health enabling proactive care for disease conditions
  • The data from the patient gene samples are clinically analyzed with the propriety algorithms, curated by the GenepoweRx team , diligently skimming through multiple databases and medical record systems
  • The creation of custom databases for a large set of gene variants is pertinent to the Indian population
  • The comprehensive screening process of genetic samples is done with a minimal turn-around-time (TAT) of not more than 2-3 weeks

Personalized Medicine with Pharmacogenomic Testing: Your Path to Precision Healthcare

Pharmacogenomics (PGX)

Utilizes whole exome test customized to meet the specific requirements of doctors. We convert the complex genomic information into clinical insights to help prescribe the right medications.

Applying deep tech analytics on Pharmacogenomic databases available across the world, gives you access to molecular information on your patients, which will help you manage your patient’s medications precisely.

Founding member of Pharmacogenomics Research Network

Member of Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium

Pharmacogenomic Technical details

  • Sample required- 2ml EDTA blood sample with consent form
  • Technique used- Next gen sequencing using Illumina NovaSeq sequencer
  • In house developed Bioinformatics algorithms for data analysis
  • Final report generation using global Databases
  • TAT of 3 weeks
A comprehensive test that recommends the right medicine at the right dose for individual patients based on genetic profiling, phenotype analysis and lifestyle conditions. It helps the physicians to prescribe the best drugs for all chronic conditions, drugs to avoid at any cost and the best antibiotic to be recommended when needed. Pharmacogenomics test helps to identify how an individual’s genetic make-up affects the drug response, this enables the physician to identify the right dose for the patient and provides data on the safety and efficacy levels of the drug used for the patient.
Any patient who is currently battling a disease condition and is taking multiple medications may benefit from a pharmacogenomics test, which a doctor might advise. Patients who are having untoward side effects from medication include those who are prone to common allergies, have chronic illnesses, or experience recurrent illnesses.
A patient who has just received a diagnosis of a disease condition, such as metabolic disorders or persistent allergies, and who wants to gain an insight into drug response recommendations before beginning therapy, can undergo the pharmacogenomics test.

Pharmacogenomics helps doctors predict and analyse the risks involved with drug regimen prescription to patients. The GenepoweRx test is a whole-exome test customised to meet the specific requirement of the patients.

The Genetic information of the patient is comprehensive, but with GenepoweRx this complex information is converted into usable insights aiding the decision making of the doctor.

  • Founding member of Pharmacogenomics Research Network
  • Member of Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium
  • Step 1 : Sample required- 2ml EDTA blood sample with consent form
  • Step 2 : Technique used- Next gen sequencing using Illumina NovaSeq sequencer
  • Step 3 :  In house developed Bioinformatics algorithms for data analysis
  • Step 4 : Final report generation using Databases in association with MSK Cancer hospital TAT of 3 weeks

Wellness and Nutrition

GenepoweRx Total is a comprehensive DNA test that can also help you to understand how the body processes food and nutrients. This information can tailor restoring energy and vitality, strengthening muscles and bones. It can help to identify risk of vitamin deficiencies, select the right exercises for fitness goals, and break bad eating habits. This information enables you to make more informed lifestyle decisions. If you are serious about forming a healthy lifestyle, GenepoweRx Total is a valuable tool that will help to reach wellness goals.

Helping us to deliver precise reports