GenepoweRx and sign collaboration agreement to bring world-class affordable advanced gene sequencing technology for cancer patients to India.

Advanced genetic sequencing for cancer patients would now become more affordable and easily accessible, with the newly announced collaboration between GenepoweRx, India’s most trusted Genetic Testing company, and, India’s leading patient-centric cancer care management platform. These two well-known names in their industries have agreed to work together in carrying out advanced cancer genomics test and reporting accurate recommendations specific to the Indian population towards targeted therapy in cancer.


As per WHO 2020 report, 1 in 10 Indians will develop cancer in their lifetime and 1 in 15 will die of the disease. Average survival after the diagnosis improved significantly after the advent of targeted therapies. The targeted therapy is an advanced and new form of cancer treatment which focuses on the root causes i.e. genetic changes or mutations that turn healthy cells into cancer cells. There are over 82 FDA approved targeted therapy drugs covering more than 15 types of cancers, including those of the breast, prostate, colon, and lung; these targeted therapies work precisely if the tumour has the right target. To use targeted therapy, the oncologist recommends genetic tests to understand the genetic changes responsible for cancer cell growth. With the growing incidents of cancer in India and the rising need of onco-gene specific genetic testing specific to the Indian population, this collaboration is the much-needed hope for the cancer is India’s leading patient-centric cancer care management platform offering end-to-end support to cancer patients and their family having PAN-India presence with 1500+ oncologists and 500+ treatment centers consisting of hospitals, clinics, and onco cancer centers.
GenepoweRx, is India’s most trusted Genetic Testing company founded by Dr. Kalyan and Dr. Hima, both American Board-certified Internal Medicine Physicians having over 10 years of training and experience in clinical genomics from prestigious Stanford and Harvard University. The company takes pride in developing India’s first comprehensive Cancer Genetic Test- OncoRx which will help oncologists to prescribe targeted therapy drugs. OncoRx is the only genetic test powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms using US based Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center’s Precision Oncology Knowledge Base, the only FDA-recognized database for cancer to identify gene mutations associated with solid tumors and to provide accurate recommendations specific to the Indian population.
There are significant variations in the cancer genome changes between different ethnicities. Recently, the data analysis from the world’s oldest and only FDA approved database from Memorial Sloan Kettering cancer center revealed that EGFR mutations are more common in Asians (56%) when compared with Caucasians (16%). GenepoweRx bio-medical-informatics team has sequenced over 100 solid tumor samples in recent months and found that there are mutations which have specific therapies, and facilitated provision of specific medications on compassionate grounds from international drug manufacturers. There are many novel mutations found in our population which are not reported so far in global database. GenepoweRx is currently working on publishing these findings and deciphering the clinical importance.

In the era of personalized medicine, genomic testing is an indispensable tool. This will
lead to informed decisions and better patient outcomes with reduced side effects.

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GenepoweRx and sign collaboration agreement to bring world-class affordable advanced gene sequencing technology for cancer patients to India.