February 2023

Germline mutations and mismatch repair genes implicated in prostate cancer

A recent study revealed evidence on the genetic basis of prostate cancer (PCa) predisposition and the importance of germline genetic testing for patients with a positive family history of PCa or men with high-risk or metastatic disease. A systemic review was conducted and the results of this study were published in the journal, Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases.

Cancer Drug Pipeline Analysis

Impressive progress in biotechnology research and further understanding of cancer pathophysiology has led to the development of new, practical, and innovative drugs through collaborations in multidisciplinary fields including biology, drug metabolism, clinical research, medicinal chemistry, and computational chemistry.

Approved Tumour-Agnostic Drugs

Cancer treatments usually target cancer that has developed in a specific organ or tissue, like breast or lung cancer. Tumour-agnostic therapy, also known as tissue-agnostic therapy, utilizes the same drug to treat all cancer types that have certain genetic mutations or biomarkers that are targeted by the drug.