AI Enabled Data Analytics Platform

What is GeneConnectRx?

GeneConnectRx stands at the forefront of cutting-edge medical research, harnessing a multidimensional approach to revolutionize AI based drug discovery and treatment options. Our mission is to alleviate the burden of diseases by leveraging advanced methodologies rooted in a profound understanding of genetics.

Why GeneConnectRx?

Discover the GeneconnectRx advantage, where our distinctive approach to target selection sets us apart. We seamlessly integrate insights from diverse sources, including Genomic data, individual cases, and extensive literature searches.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), our team ensures unparalleled precision in target identification, revolutionizing the drug discovery process.

Choose GeneconnectRx and benefit from years of collective experience, as our seasoned scientists possess an in-depth understanding of the genes and proteins influencing disease severity.


Projects we are currently working on

  • Within our AI-enabled Drug Development Pipeline, we are actively pursuing transformative projects targeting Autism, MODY diabetes, Glioma, Coronary Artery Disease and Breast cancer.


  • Our unwavering commitment to addressing these significant medical challenges is evident in our dedicated efforts and innovative approach.


  • Additionally, we are progressing towards fulfilling the prerequisites for entering clinical trials, marking a crucial step in furthering research and advancement in these fields.