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What is OncoRx ? | Genetic Testing for Cancer treatment


What is OncoRx ?

Genetic Testing for Cancer treatment

It is a directional test for tumour profiling enabling oncologists to predict response/resistance to targeted and immuno-therapies for cancer patients. It assists in predicting responses of FDA-approved drugs to approved biomarkers, and facilitates better treatment management.

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(Developed the first FDA approved Cancer Companion Diagnostic Test)

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK), the world’s oldest and largest private cancer center,  and GenePoweRx(by K&H), partnered into collaboration to utilize MSK’s clinical and research insights into gene mutations associated with solid tumors, along with K&H proprietary database to provide accurate recommendations for Indian population.

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A directional test for tumour profiling enabling oncologists to predict response/ resistance to targeted and immuno-therapies for cancer patients over the traditional molecular testing.

Over 5600 genomic alterations covered- We report substitutions, insertions, deletions, CNV, select rearrangements as well as genomic signatures including microsatellite instability and tumor mutation burden
We are the only company in Genomics space lead by physicians in India.
Simplified reports without ambiguous reporting is possible because we know exactly what a treating physician is looking for in the report
Open Discussion channel between Oncologist, Pathologist and genomic specialist physician will lead to best treatment choices for the patient.

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GenePower OncoRx uses targeted genomic sequencing and analysis to provide the physician with information on-

  • Druggable mutations in your patient for which targeted therapies are available.
  • Clinical trial match connector
  • Microsatellite Instabilty status (MSI)
  • Tumor Mutational Burden status (TMB)
  • Sample required- FFPE tissue sample
  • TAT(Turn Around Time)- 3- 4 weeks

Testing steps

Next gen sequencing using Illumina NovaSeq sequencerIn house developed Bioinformatics algorithms for data analysisFinal report generation using Databases in association with MSK Cancer hospital

Patients with stage 3 or stage 4 solid tumours or cancers, who are looking to start targeted drug therapy.

When a patient is first diagnosed with cancer, it is suggested to take OncoRx test, prior to starting their chemotherapy treatment. The test enables the physician to identify the right drug regimen from the various FDA approved therapies. The response and management of the regimen is also analysed from the report enabling better decision-making for physicians.

OncoRx is India’s only test authenticated by FDA-approved database developed by collecting longitudinal data over 20 years, by clinicians/oncologists from MSK- Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre.

Being the only company to be led by clinicians, we provide simple and non-ambiguous reports that the clinicians are looking for, when treating a patient. While maintaining precision in performance standards, decryption of data and quality control, the reports are automated with minimal turn-around-time.

OncoRx test involves testing solid tumours using the next generation sequencing (NGS) to detect the four alterations known to drive cancer growth:

  1. SNPs (Single nucleotide polymorphism)
  2. InDels (Insertions and Deletions)
  3. Copy number Variants (CNVs)
  4. Rearrangements or fusions
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Who is Benefitted with OncoRx Test?


Screens over 353 potential genes -174 suitable for characterizing cancer biomarkers with proven clinical utilities and an additional 179 high-confidence cancer genes which have emerging evidence in the recent ongoing clinical trials.

The test results are represented in 5 parts:



Screens over 71 candidate genes which have the3 highest level of evidence in oncotherapy and are biomarkers for identification of response and resistance to oncotherapeutic agents.

The test results are represented in 3 parts:

OncoMini Steps

How OncoRx is Different from Onco Mini | Oncology Testing? | GenepoweRx



A:  Targeted therapies act on specific molecular targets associated with cancer which have proven evidence for the desired response and predicted outcomes. Standard chemotherapy on the other hand, act on rapidly diving normal and cancerous cells.

OncoRx is authenticated through collecting the world’s only FDA approved database which is developed by collecting real-time authorised data over 20+ years from Clinicians/ Oncologists of MSK. OncoRx also provides partnership opportunities to develop concrete databases, and 24/7 customer care representatives.

OncoRx provides the best second-line options for the patients as per the NCCN guidelines. We also provide clinical trial matches for the patients to enrol in leading institutions globally.

Single marker or Hotspot Mutation testing can detect only one alteration wherein OncoRx can proved insights on all four alterations known to drive cancer growth. The method of testing, therefore, takes a comprehensive approach to diagnosis and detailed reporting.

The biomarkers for non-small cell lung cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer and all solid tumours are covered in the test. After identifying the specific biomarkers, the targeted FDA- approved therapies are selected.

An initial quality measure is performed in 3 days and processed only if the sample meets the OncoRx standards.

Helping us to deliver precise reports