Pharmacogenomics (PGX)

Genetic Test for Personalized Health Plan and Medicine.

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About Pharmacogenomics

What is Pharmacogenomics (PGX) ?

Utilizes whole exome test customized to meet the specific requirements of doctors. We convert the complex genomic information into clinical insights to help prescribe the right medications.

Applying deep tech analytics on Pharmacogenomic databases available across the world, gives you access to molecular information on your patients, which will help you manage your patient’s medications precisely.

Technical details

  • Sample required- 2ml EDTA blood sample with consent form
  • Technique used- Next gen sequencing using Illumina NovaSeq sequencer
  • In house developed Bioinformatics algorithms for data analysis
  • Final report generation using global Databases
  • TAT of 3 weeks

General FAQs

A comprehensive test that recommends the right medicine at the right dose for individual patients based on genetic profiling, phenotype analysis and lifestyle conditions. It helps the physicians to prescribe the best drugs for all chronic conditions, drugs to avoid at any cost and the best antibiotic to be recommended when needed.

Pharmacogenomics test helps to identify how an individual’s genetic make-up affects the drug response, this enables the physician to identify the right dose for the patient and provides data on the safety and efficacy levels of the drug used for the patient.

Any patient who is currently battling a disease condition and is taking multiple medications may benefit from a pharmacogenomics test, which a doctor might advise. Patients who are having untoward side effects from medication include those who are prone to common allergies, have chronic illnesses, or experience recurrent illnesses.

A patient who has just received a diagnosis of a disease condition, such as metabolic disorders or persistent allergies, and who wants to gain an insight into drug response recommendations before beginning therapy, can undergo the pharmacogenomics test.

Pharmacogenomics helps doctors predict and analyse the risks involved with drug regimen prescription to patients. The GenepoweRx test is a whole-exome test customised to meet the specific requirement of the patients.

The Genetic information of the patient is comprehensive, but with GenepoweRx this complex information is converted into usable insights aiding the decision making of the doctor.

  • Founding member of Pharmacogenomics Research Network
  • Member of Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium
  • Step 1 : Sample required- 2ml EDTA blood sample with consent form
  • Step 2 : Technique used- Next gen sequencing using Illumina NovaSeq sequencer
  • Step 3 :  In house developed Bioinformatics algorithms for data analysis
  • Step 4 : Final report generation using Databases in association with MSK Cancer hospital TAT of 3 weeks

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