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Genetic Test for Personalized Health Plan and Medicine.

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Our Products

OncoRx Comprehensive


Rs. 220,000.00/-

OncoRx Mini


Rs. 65,000.00/-

OncoRx Condition Specific


Rs. 30,000.00/-

GenepoweRx Total


Rs. 45,000.00/-

Pharmacogenomics (PGX)


Rs. 21,000.00/-

Cardiac Care


Rs. 21,000.00/-

Diabetic Care


Rs. 21,000.00/-

How it works ?

The patients are required to answer a Health and lifestyle questionnaire followed by blood sample collection. We use NGS whole-exome sequencing, to look at over 20000 plus genes and their mutations from the collected sample. The molecular data generated is then compared to peer-reviewed databases with over 3 million patients’ genomic data. We achieve this using smart cloud solutions proprietary to GenepoweRx. Based on the insights generated, we provide a clinically actionable report and further patient counselling.

What GenepoweRx Genetic Test tell you ?

Early Detection

It helps detecting early stage of any chronic disease e.g. diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular and chronic respiratory diseases, cancer, and stroke.


It directs toward available prevention, monitoring, and treatment options.

Personalized Plan

It recommends a personalized diet, fitness, and nutrition regimen customized as per your genetic make-up.