GenePower Total

Gene Power Total

GENE POWER TOTAL, was developed to help physicians tackle chronic disorders. We provide physicians with their patient’s unique molecular data and precision medicine tools to help them create a personalized care plan for each of them.

We use NGS whole exome sequencing, to look at over 20000 plus genes and their mutations. The molecular data generated is then compared to peer reviewed databases with over 3 million patients’ genomic data. We achieve this using smart cloud solutions proprietary to K&H.

Based on the insights generated, we provide you with a clinically actionable report, which you can use to manage and follow your patient’s outcomes.

Technical details

Sample required- 2ml EDTA blood sample with consent form
Technique used- Next gen sequencing using Illumina NovaSeq sequencer
In house developed Bioinformatics algorithms for data analysis
Final report generation using Databases in accordance with CLINVAR guidelines
TAT of 3 weeks