Gene Power Fitness

Your workout might be good…maybe not good enough for you

Fitness is not just about burning calories. But keeping oneself healthy with the right diet and exercise!

Fitness and workout regimens are unique for each individual. It depends on an individual’s muscle mass, nutrition, metabolism, work, mental stress and genetic makeup. It is crucial to know how well our skeletal muscles can support stress during exercise and how well our heart muscles can cope with it. Genetic predisposition to myopathies, mutations in glucose metabolism can significantly affect your exercise capability and health.

At K&H, we curate personalized fitness regimens to suit all your needs. We give you a detailed and thorough breakdown of all you need to do to stay fit.

How we do it?

We research several databases, validated by scientific counsel across the world like NCBI, (dbSNP, ClinVar), OMIM, genetics home reference (NIH- national library of medicine),Pubmed and Scihub for literature survey. We use them to look for clinically significant metabolism variants, muscle variants and have curated a massive database for genes related to fitness.

Our extensive research gives several important insights into our client’s health like-
How much to exercise
Fluids requirement of body
What kind of exercise
Pre-workout and post work out nutrition
Dietary supplements needed